Garden Dragons

A series of dragons that live in a garden. they are whimsical and mischievous. They have taken on the characteristics of the different plants in the garden.

         APPLE DRAGON                                   ARTICHOKE DRAGON                                    ASPARAGUS DRAGON
AVOCADO DRAGON                                         BANANA DRAGON                                         BLACKBERRY DRAGON
BLUEBERRY DRAGON                                  BROCCOLI DRAGON                                    CANTALOUPE DRAGON
CARROT DRAGON                                         CHERRY DRAGON                                           COCONUT DRAGON
COFFEE DRAGON                                          CORNED DRAGON                                          CRANBERRY DRAGON
DRAGON FRUIT DRAGON                                  EGGPLANT DRAGON                                             GARLIC DRAGON
GOOSEBERRY DRAGON                                   GRAPE JELLY DRAGON                                   HONEY DEW DRAGON
KIWI DRAGON                                                LEMON LIME DRAGON                                     LUCK CLOVER DRAGON
MUSHROOM DRAGON                                            ONION DRAGON                                              ORANGE DRAGON 
PEA POD DRAGON                                            PEACH DRAGON                                     PEANUT BUTTER DRAGON
PEPPERS DRAGON                                  PINEAPPLE DRAGON                                    POTATO DRAGON
PUMPKIN DRAGON                                      RADISH DRAGON                                            RASPBERRY DRAGON
SPINACH DRAGON                                                  SQUASH DRAGON                                       STAR FRUIT DRAGON
STRAWBERRY DRAGON                                           TEA DRAGON                                                 TOMATO DRAGON
TURNIP DRAGON                                            WATERCOLOR DRAGON                                    ZUCCHINI DRAGON

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